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The Doctoral School of Educational Sciences 
ESF project no. 1.2.0401.09-0070

The Doctoral School of Educational Sciences was created in the framework of Estonia’s Operational Programme for Human Resource Development measure "Development of collaboration and innovation in higher education institutions", sub-measure "Doctoral Schools", as financed by European Structural Funds." Doctoral School is headed by the Tallinn University in cooperation with University of Tartu. Our international partner is the University of Helsinki.
The duration of the project is 2009-2015. 

The Doctoral School includes 3 curricula with over 140 Ph.D students:
•    Educational Sciences, Tallinn University 
•    Educational Science, University of Tartu
•    Science Education, University of Tartu
Exceptionally, students from other curricula can be admitted, when their research topic is related with educational sciences.

Marika Veisson, Head of the Doctoral School, Professor in the Tallinn University, Uus-Sadama 5-455, Tallinn. Phone +372 6199 721, e-mail
Edgar Krull, Co-head of the Doctoral School, Professor in the University of Tartu, Salme 1a, Tartu, Phone +372 737 5155, e-mail
Jarmo Karing, Project manager of Doctoral School, Tallinn University, Uus-Sadama 5-467, Tallinn. Phone +372 6199 774, e-mail  
Annika Konsap, Project coordinator at the University of Tartu, Salme 1a-125, Tartu, Phone +372 516 8128, 
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